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He co-founded the Cartel Chronicles project with Ildefonso Ortiz and Stephen K. Bannon. Follow him on Ildefonso Ortiz is an award-winning journalist with Breitbart Texas. He co-founded the Cartel Chronicles project with Brandon Darby and Stephen K. Bannon.You can follow him on and on . and . He can be contacted at .

It was nothing short of a plan to turn Google, Facebook and other social media into hyper-partisan democratic party activists, promoters, cheerleaders, and off-the-books donors in an. alternative.

(Matamoros, Tamaulipas)-[] Fearing stiffer immigration enforcement in the coming months, approximately half of the Mexican nationals who had traveled through this city on their way to their hometowns claim they will not be returning to the United States.Click here to read. (Photo: Breitbart Texas/Cartel Chronicles)

Breitbart texas’ cartel chronicles. Remove from favorites Add to favorites. GRAPHIC VIDEO: Narco-Terrorists Interrogate, Shoot Rivals in Mexico Spain , United Kingdom , Nuevo Len , Coahuila de Zaragoza , Tamaulipas .

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Only 48 hours after a top cartel boss in Mexico placed an assassination hit on one of the contributing writers for Breitbart Texas’s Cartel Chronicles project, Mexican military forces captured him. This week, Cesar "El Boto" or "El Marrueco" Sepulveda Arellano, a leading member of Los Viagras Cartel, placed a $100,000 USD hit on Breitbart.

Not Just Florida: Border Patrol To Fly Thousands Of Illegal Migrants To San Diego For those with developmental disabilities, dental needs are great, good care elusive Burgeoning Numbers of Cubans Trying to Enter US Via Mexico – Global Diaspora News

Breitbart News Ortiz: Democratic Candidates Mislead on Economy to Push Socialist Policies Alfredo Ortiz of Job Creators Network writes in the orange county register about the Democrat debates, postulating that the state of the U.S. economy contravenes the idea that what is needed are socialist policies and practices in a future presidential.

Breitbart Texas’ Cartel Chronicles are published in both English as well as in their original Spanish. This specific article was written by Tony Aranda by Nuevo Len. Source : Mexican Cartel Crashes Drone IED into Home of Border State Security Chief

Breitbart's Brandon Darby Discovers  Mexican Cartel Smuggling Route Into Texas Breitart Texas / Cartel Chronicles by Cartel chronicles6 jun 2017reynosa, MX0 6 Jun, 20176 Jun, 2017 SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTERREYNOSA, Tamaulipas – More than 50 have died inside last month as a result of the raging cartel violence in which border city. As Breitbart Texas has reported for more than a month, rival factions of the Gulf Cartel are carrying out attacks on each different to take.

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