President Trump gives troops leave to use ‘deadly force’ on migrants at Mexico border

The ambitious target gives troops a little under a fortnight to clear the last remnants. but there have been instances of high civilian casualties due to the use of artillery and airstrikes..

Military will use lethal force at Mexico border if needed – Trump by RT news [Russia] | posted in: News , United States | 0 US President Donald Trump has given troops permission to use lethal force if needed at the border with Mexico, adding that there could be a government shutdown next month over border security.

President Donald Trump said Thursday that U.S. troops he dispatched to the nation’s border will use lethal force to stop migrants attempting to enter the country "if they have to." Earlier this week, Trump authorized the military to use its rules of engagement, rather than those of domestic law-enforcement agencies, at the border.

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Trump says he will introduce punitive tariffs on June 10 if Mexico does not halt the flow of illegal immigration from Central America to the United States, battering Mexican financial assets and.

Under current military rules of engagement, that would authorize a return use of deadly force. Trump later backtracked on the rifles comment, saying he never directed troops to shoot migrants and.

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 · The nation’s top border security official told skeptical senators tuesday that the use of tear gas on a group of migrants. Use of Tear Gas at Mexico Border. President Donald Trump was.

A new wave of troops could soon be deployed to the U.S.-Mexico border, even as border crossings by undocumented immigrants are at their lowest levels since 1971.. in Mexico has prompted a series of threats from President Trump. of Air and Marine, which is basically a domestic navy and air force.

Yesterday, we reported that President Trump was prepared to issue an order granting troops the right to use force at the border – correcting a problem where they previously would not have been armed. Now that story is confirmed..the troops will be armed AND they will have the authority to use up to lethal force if necessary.

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12 days ago · Mexico is arresting undocumented migrants at both ends of the country. The government said today that almost 15,000 federal security force members have been deployed to the northern border.

Ildefonso Ortiz, Author at Breitbart Ildefonso Ortiz and brandon darby texas border city shooting tied to Human Smuggling, Say Police EDINBURG, Texas – A dispute over a human smuggling operation led to an armed confrontation where cartel-linked street gang members shot one man in the face.

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