Let the stranded Cubans in, President Obama — then close the door

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When Obama announced the opening with Cuba, John Boehner, then the Republican Speaker of the House, said, "There is no ‘new course’ here, only another in a long line of mindless concessions.

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“I came here seeking. January when President Obama ended the “wet foot/dry foot” policy. Almost immediately, most Cubans stopped leaving their island for the U.S., but many who had left months.

Since 1966, more than 1 million cubans have fled to the United States, but with the repeal of the Cuban Adjustment Act on the horizon, that may soon change.

President Obama should amend his order and allow in anyone who has proof that they left Cuba by Jan. 12. It’s only fair – there is no turning back for them.

Obama making changes to Cuban immigration policy. Until then, Cubans caught at sea trying to make their way to the United States were allowed into the country and were able to become legal. On 20 March 2016, President Barack Obama visited Cuba, becoming the first U.S. President in 88 years to visit the island.

Obama’s Last Big Cuba Move. This was during the rafters crisis, and he had ended up in a tent camp at the U.S. Navy base in Guantnamo along with thousands of others Cubans until the Clinton Administration struck an agreement with the Castro regime, which allowed them to immigrate to the United States.

Arrestan en P.Rico a dominicano ya intent entrar ilegalmente en EE.UU – El Periodico Tres adultos dominicanos fueron detenidos por las autoridades puertorriqueas al tratar de ingresar de manera ilegal por la costa de Rincn, en el noroeste de la isla caribea, inform hoy la.

Lawmakers push to end political asylum for Cubans. In December, Costa Rica announced it would not offer passage to any more Cuban migrants. Another 1,200 Cubans are stranded in Panama, trying to get into Costa Rica, but Gonzlez said the country cannot let them in.

Normalization With Cuba Has Been a Smashing Success-but Trump Wants to Destroy It Obama’s rapprochement has overwhelming support from Cuban-Americans, the US business community, and the Cuban.

My Prison is Panama Written by Emily Kohlman Scroll down to see more content Hundreds of Cubans are stuck in Panama, once a bridge to the United States, after the Obama administration reversed the "wet foot, dry foot" policy that allowed Cubans who had managed to make it to U.S. soil to stay.

With Chavez, the Cuba relationship was more subtle. Maduro’s more obvious connections to Cuba is one reason the Trump.

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