Sergei Eisenstein

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Sergei Eisenstein was the most widely acclaimed and influential filmmaker the Russian cinema has ever produced, and his best known films (The Battleship Potemkin and Oktyabr) are still regarded as.

Today’s Google Doodle, celebrates what would have been the 120th birthday of Sergei Eisenstein, also known as the father of montage. Born on January 22, 1898, Eisenstein was a Soviet artist and.

Eisenstein was born in Riga, Latvia but his family moved a lot in his early years. Eisenstein continued to move often during his life. Eisenstein’s father Mikhail Osipovich Eisenstein was of German-Jewish and Swedish descent and his mother, Julia Ivanovna Konetskaya, was from a Russian Orthodox family. He was born into a middle-class family.

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This double bluray set includes "The Battleship Potemkin" and "Strike" at a cheaper price than buying " Battleship Potemkin" alone.Orson Wells was influenced by these movies and "Citizen Kane" has many "ideas" redone for it’s visuals.Sergei Eisenstein was a true artist and really has influenced many directors style.If you like German impressionisic early cinema,you’ll love this.If you are a.

Sergei Eisenstein was born into an upper-middle-class family in Riga in 1898. His father, Mikhail Osipovich Eisenstein, was an architect and his mother, Julia Ivanovna Konetskaya, was the daughter of a successful merchant. Moving between Riga, St Petersburg, Moscow and Paris and educated both at.

Eisenstein was born to a middle-class family in Riga, Latvia (then part of the Russian Empire in the Governorate of Livonia), but his family moved frequently in his early years, as Eisenstein continued to do throughout his life.His father, Mikhail Osipovich Eisenstein, was born to a German Jewish father who had converted to Christianity, Osip Eisenstein, and a mother of Swedish descent.

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Google is paying tribute to "the father of the montage." On Monday, Google’s search logo honored sergei eisenstein, a Soviet film director and artist born on this day 120 years ago. The doodle.


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